Get Your FIAT Prepared for the Newark DE Area Winter

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With winter upon us, it is time to get your FIAT ready for the weather ahead. While we hope the weather doesn’t get treacherous this winter, no one can be too sure, so it is better to be safe than sorry and be prepared. Our FIAT dealer serving Newark DE is here to help drivers prep their vehicle for what’s ahead with a few helpful hints.

Below are a few tips to take into consideration in order to have a safe winter out on the roads.

Keep it Cool

It is extremely important to maintain the coolant system in your FIAT. In extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, this system be knocked out easily if it is not taken care of. There’s no room for sub-par performance here, so if a part isn’t in good shape, replace it. In order to spot possible problems, drivers should have their vehicle’s radiator pressure tested and have the hoses examined for cracks and bulges. Replacing the coolant in your vehicle is also important during this time of year. Drivers will want a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water to provide protection against below-zero temperatures.

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Routine Maintenance

While routine maintenance is important all year round, it is very important during the winter months. FIAT drivers near Newark DE should check, change, and/or top off their oil, coolant, brake, and transmission fluid as needed before the weather gets too bad. Freeze resistant windshield washer fluid is important as well, as this could help clear the ice and frost from the windshield in times of need. There is no such thing as being over prepared, so be sure to keep your car in great shape, and stay ready for the weather ahead.

Check the Tires

The tires on your vehicle are extremely overlooked, and is the most important safety feature on every car. Without healthy tires, you put yourself and those around you in danger. During the winter, bald or dry rotted tires become even more dangerous, as they can’t get a grip on ice and wet surfaces. Winter tires are something drivers should look into, as they are made out of special low temperature resilient rubber compounds designed to grip slippery surfaces. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and be sure to prep your car before the nasty weather hits!

Keeping your car in great shape is important all year round, but the winter presents extremely dangerous driving conditions. In order to learn more about the ways you can prepare your FIAT for the winter months, contact Carman FIAT by calling (888) 755-7517!

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Why Buy a 2017 FIAT 124 Spider?

2017 FIAT 124 Spider dealer near Wilmington DE

The 2017 FIAT 124 Spider is all-new for the 2017 model year, and is giving Wilmington DE area drivers something to cheer about. This fun and exciting vehicle never gets old to drive. Featuring a manual soft top, which is extremely easy to lower and raise, drivers can now enjoy the sun and wind in their hair during their afternoon joy rides. With a 160-horsepower turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine, drivers can enjoy each ride like never before.

While the 2017 FIAT 124 Spider is fun to drive, it is also a sight to see, and feel. Featuring both fabric and leather upholsteries, the interior is very luxurious and upscale. LED taillamps also give the FIAT 124 Spider a unique look, enhancing its curves and appearance. Luxury is at the center of this thrilling 2017 model, so take it to the open road and fall in love.

FIAT Drivers Near Wilmington DE Can Feel the Excitement

Wilmington DE area 2017 FIAT 124 Spider

No matter who you are, technology shouldn’t be a difficult thing to use. The 2017 124 FIAT Spider makes it easy for Wilmington DE area FIAT drivers to use the advanced technology within the car. Bluetooth® connectivity and Hands-Free Voice Command makes staying connected easier than ever before, all while keeping your eyes and hands on the road and wheel. The available 7-inch multimedia touchscreen, Navigation, and more give also helps drivers stay in touch wherever the road leads them.

When drivers get behind the wheel of the 124 Spider, they should automatically feel at ease. Constructed around a steel safety frame, which includes crumple zones used to help absorb energy in a collision away from passengers. Other available features like Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection help drivers stay aware of their surroundings, which make for safer lane changes. There are a lot of potential hazards out on the road, but the 2017 FIAT 124 Spider helps drivers stay out of trouble.

To learn more about the 2017 FIAT 124 Spider and why it is such a great vehicle to own, contact Carman FIAT and schedule a test drive in one today!

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FIAT Ad Provokes The Mind of Middletown DE Area Drivers

Why settle for conventional? Who says bigger is better? The 2017 FIAT 500 near Wilmington DE isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before, and follows its own set of rules. Normal is boring, so why settle? Stand out, be different, and make yourself known while out on the road.

FIAT is all about blazing its own trail. Although FIAT models are smaller than most, they still pack a powerful punch in all categories. As the advertisement demonstrates, sometimes it’s the smaller guys that come out on top. In the commercial, a little mouse is put to the test to see if it can maneuver through a maze to get to the block of cheese. While the mouse moves through the maze and eventually finds the cheese, it then does the unexpected. It doesn’t eat the cheese, but instead it uses it as a ramp to leap out of the maze, freeing itself. Genius.

Small But Fierce

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The 2017 FIAT 500 shows Wilmington DE area FIAT drivers that smaller is smarter, much like the mouse in the ad. The 2017 FIAT 500 is nimble and impressively efficient with its standard 1.4L MultiAir® engine and five-speed manual transmission. FIAT 500 drivers will also have the luxury to navigate themselves out of any maze thanks to the Uconnect® 5.0. This incredibly innovative technology includes a 5-inch color touchscreen, AM/FM radio, media hub with USB port and auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth® streaming audio, and many more features.

To learn more about the 2017 FIAT 500 and other FIAT models, be sure to contact Carman FIAT by calling (888) 755-7517 and we’ll be sure to help you out in any way possible.

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